2nd National Cup TangSooDo Championship-2023

Sports TangSooDo Color Belt Certificate issued by Tangsoodo Federation of India(Regd.) Signed by Founder President: GM Arun K. Jangra

Many deserving players from India and abroad are deprived of participating in the competition due to various reasons like their school or college exams, no seat confirm in train or not getting VISA etc.  So, Due to popular demand we are starting offline as well as online contests.  This time we will have some categories in online mode which will be evaluated by a panel of qualified trainers. We are excited as you are seeing practitioners of all ages and levels from all over the World.​

Guideline To TangSooDo Players

​​President:  GM ARUN K. JANGRA

WSTF TangSooDo Belt

14th International TangSooDo Championship-2023, India

(National Governing Body for Sports Tang Soo Do Registered by Government)


E-mail: masterjangra@gmail.com


New Delhi - India


The World Sports TangSooDo Federation, Founder President: Grand Master Arun K. Jangra announces the WSTF 14th International TangSooDo Championships - 2023 on Sunday the 21st January 2024 at  New Delhi, India. Org. by: TangSooDo Federation of India. 

Welcome to All Martial Art Lover. All TangSooDo & Other Martial Arts Organisation get ready for the same.

This event is open to all clubs, that means it's not exclusively for National teams and it has the aim to gather all competitors with strong promotional qualities of aggregation and socialization. 

Pre-Registration are required. Members and interested participants are advised please registration of your team on or before 07th January 2024.  

If anybody needs any additional information with regards to any aspect of the tournament please don't hesitate to get in contact.

For more details contact at  TangSooDo Federation of India or at E-mail: tangsoodopresident@gmail.com